Let’s move your organization towards paper-less

Build a collaborative work environment

Access your organization’s document anywhere, anytime

Manage your electronic record more organized, secure, and yet easy to find.

Make your office more productive with better communication and reduce costs

  • Clean up the digital mess
  • Reduce reliance on paper
  • Improve office efficiency
  • Eliminate duplicate information
  • Access single accurate information every time
  • Safe and secure your digital record
  • Reduce storage and supply costs
  • Quick search

Task Management

Manage tasks, sub-tasks and milestones that could be part of a your projects, processes, services or activities. Tasks also include reminders and alerts whenever the due date is close and the activity is still pending.

Document Control and Repository

What about your documents? Do you store them somewhere else and it takes you lots of time to retrieve them? Worry no more, in CartaStation you can store all of the Clients, Projects, Legals, Contracts, Events, or any other kind of document you have, even Youtube (linked) video records, and many more.
You can even create and edit certain documents within the system.

Time Tracking

Are you tracking the time it takes you to complete an Activity, Task or Project? Otherwise, how do you properly know their status and progress? Or how much to charge to your client or pay to a vendor?
By tracking time you will also be able to estimate tasks and projects in a better way in the future, and thus to save time.


The calendar allows scheduling your events and meetings agenda and also shows your tasks and milestones start dates and due dates. 

Organize your workspace

Besides managing your contacts, projects, and documents, you may use Workspaces to manage the different departments of your company and restrict the access even further. Or you may as well use them as something else of course.

Organization optimization made easy

saved to the cloud

Stay connected with your office record room

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