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Regardless of the size of the organization, operational complexities are a reality.  Management needs  accurate record keeping, best utilization of resources, and information insight.  AVANZAR offers Datamate solutions for your planning, analysis, and growth.


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Enabling our clients to sharpen their focus on their business

Financial management solutions to centralize your data and connect your organization

You keep focus on your organization’s growth

Most businesses cannot operate smoothly without sufficient level of automation.  Datamate and our other applications  provide you with the right solutions to manage your business planning and growth

  • Departmental Control Panel
  • Productive User Experience
  • Paper Less Organization
  • Integrate Multiple Branch Offices

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Datamate/Central is carefully packaged solution that will make you financial bookkeeping smart. It is an advanced solution of General Ledger, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse management.

{Single Company, Branch Office, Multi-users, Multi Warehouse, Client/Server implementation}


Implement most common solution to keep track of your stock and financial transactions. Get benefit from comprehensive General Ledger, and essential functionality of Sales and Purchase modules.

{Single Company, Single Branch, Single User, Single Warehouse}


Datamate/Primer is fully featured General Ledger for startup businesses.

License: Single Company, Single Branch, Single User

Cost effective versions
for SMEs

For small-to-medium sized enterprises, we offer conveniently bundled financial products that make it easy and cost effective for small businesses to get initial control of their finances and inventory stocks. Application components are especially assembled to meet the basic bookkeeping needs and informative reporting.


Customization capabilities are extensive throughout the product.  Either configure and set the DATAMATE according to your business process needs, Or consults for more specific enhancement as per your organization needs.

Technology and Innovation

Ongoing feedback from our existing customers, together with constant evaluation of business and technology trends, enables us to continually improve the system. This ensures your business has access to the latest advancements in technology when you need them.


We meet your business needs from basic bookkeeping to more complex financial records

  • Drill-down and Interactive Report Analysis
  • XLS Export for dynamic data analysis
  • Maintain User Preferences
  • Common BP (Business Partners – Customers, Suppliers, etc.)
  • Maintain a common source of information - Provide same visibility to all
  • Option to save output in PDF Formats
  • Anytime - Add more modules or Upgrade to next level of advance features

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In a dynamically changing business environment, companies who want to gain competitive advantage must have the ability to quickly adjust to the changing conditions and be able to use solutions which are suitable to their field of activity and company size.

Business Facts

  • Find your business facts: Drilldown reporting
  • Single Source of Information: Provide same visibility to all
  • Dynamic: Multi Company, Multi-Branch, Multi-Warehouse
  • Quickly Functional: Easy to Learn, User Friendly, Standards
  • Application Architecture: Modular

Technical Highlights

  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Multi Tier deployment
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